Special Events

Occasionally we host or co-host a special event that may interest you. These are focused on building community, making new friends and living well with HIV. Or just having a good time! Everyone committed to the well-being of aging adults living with or affected by HIV is welcome, regardless of age, HIV status, gender or anything else. Join us! If you have questions or want more information please let us know. We would like to introduce you to new friends, and welcome you to our community. We’re here for you!


Hello Spring event logo

Recent event: hello spring!

It was hosted on March 22, 2021

Spring was great, and we gave it a warm welcome with you. We’re glad you got it on your calendar!

Since you registered by 3/17 and provided your address, our volunteers were able to deliver to you your choice of something nice to eat plus a springtime gift. We hope you enjoyed it!

We’re so glad we were all able get together, have a few laughs and welcome the start of a fresh new season.

Note: Registration for next year’s hello spring! will open in February. This event is always free. Please register next year, AND NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY, MARCH 17, 2022 to let us know that you’ll be with us, and to make your meal selection. We hope to see you there!

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Past events

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