Our stories, in our own words

Telling our stories can be a form of gift giving. To ourselves, in helping us revisit past joys or gently ease away from past traumas. And to our community, many of whom are inspired by stories of our resilience, our challenges, and our collective history. Bearing witness has power.

Here, we make space for those who wish to say what must be said. We invite you to tell your story, in your own words, and on your own terms.

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Telling one’s own story is a deeply personal matter. We invite you to talk with us about this, privately and with no obligation. We’re eager to connect with you. You’ll meet with an Aging Well representative in a private setting of your choice, so we can talk it through with you. From there, you decide if you want to proceed. We’re in no rush, and you have full control over the process. Come alone or bring someone that you trust. It’s all up to you.

Use the form to let us know if you want to talk. And thank you. 

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