One objective of the Aging Well Program is to empower long-term survivors with the information we need to live life more fully. Another objective is to help providers, policy makers, and allied professionals understand the unique strengths, needs, and experiences of aging adults living with or affected by HIV. These well reviewed resources are the beginning to our growing library.

Age and HIV: Oregon data

An epidemiologic profile of HIV infection in Oregon as it relates to age, summarizing the current situation and recent trends, 2008-2017. Oregon Public Health Division, Oregon Health Authority. December, 2018.

Aging Well with HIV

Three essential psychosocial factors that support healthy aging with HIV, and five practical, proven actions that support healthy aging with HIV. The National Resource Center on HIV and Aging, 2019.

Trans Fact Sheet

Transgender women and men are at high risk for getting HIV, and especially vulnerable are trans women of color. This fact sheet provides current data, and links to the CDC’s HIV prevention activities focused on transgender populations.


Twenty years of evidence demonstrates that people living with HIV on antiretroviral therapy who have an undetectable level of HIV in their blood have a negligible risk of transmitting HIV sexually.  (, 2018)

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