We asked. You answered.

For several months during 2019, in a wide variety of settings, Aging Well Program staff and our partners and volunteers engaged hundreds of voices responding to the question: Considering the possibilities, and taking into account the constraints, what few actions would bring the greatest positive impact on the well-being of aging adults living with or affected by HIV?

People responded with creativity, practicality and imagination, and we listened. We made sure to not duplicate good work already being done. More than 30 possibilities were narrowed to five. Each has become a workgroup as we work to translate our ideas into action.

Let us know if you want to participate in a workgroup!

Strengthening Mental Health

Improve the availability, accessibility and variety of mental health services and supports that are culturally and developmentally appropriate for aging adults living with or affected by HIV.

Legal and financial advice

Provide a way for aging adults living with HIV to receive qualified professional legal and financial assistance for their unique needs, including estate planning, end of life care planning, purchasing life insurance, and others.

Returning to work

Support aging adults living with HIV who wish to return to employment without jeopardizing their health or their benefits.

Age-appropriate transportation support

Develop a way to provide for age-appropriate transportation for people while grocery shopping at Esther’s Pantry, or who would like to shop there if they had assistance transporting their groceries.

Community building among HIV long-term survivors

Strengthen the community of aging gay and bi men, and other long-term survivors, and raise community-wide awareness.

Share your ideas!

Everything we do is participant-driven. Talk to us! We’re always looking for great new ideas and a fresh perspective. Have a great idea for strengthening community? Let us know!

Just the beginning.

None of this releases us from our responsibility to support other aging adults living with HIV, and to initiate new program activities when presented with evidence of need and interest. Still it seems like a strong place to start, balancing need and practicality.

Let us know if you want to participate in a workgroup!

Aging Well is a program of Cascade AIDS Project (CAP). We support and empower all people living with or affected by HIV, reduce stigma, and provide the LGBTQ+ community and beyond with compassionate healthcare. Visit us at

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