Aging Well starts here.

Aging Well starts here.

All Aging Well Program activities are now online-gatherings hosted using Zoom technology, instead of meeting in person. We hope you’ll join us!  Together, we’ll make it through this. If you have any questions about the gatherings, or about Zoom technology, or anything else, please send us a message!

Aging Well fosters a participant-driven community in the greater Portland, Oregon, metro area, together with our partners and collaborators. We create a sense of hope and belonging among aging adults living with or affected by HIV. Together, we forge the connections, support, and social intimacy each of us needs as we remember the past and look ahead to the future.

Join us!


Join us at one or all of these virtual activities. You’ll find things happening every week. 


Occasionally we host or co-host a special event that may interest you. Please join us!


We’re translating our community’s ideas into action, and we would welcome your participation!

What we do

Each of our activities fit into one or more of these five categories. Every participant has a say in the direction of our community and we encourage you to participate on your own terms. You are welcomed and embraced whether you wish to lead outings or remain quietly in the background. We don't identify as a service provider. Instead we facilitate an active community that faces the challenges of aging with HIV together. 

Health & wellness

We encourage positive social, physical, mental, and spiritual health at participant-designed workshops, retreats, educational seminars, and luncheons—and in other ways that we haven’t yet dreamed up!

Social activities & events

We host informal and structured social events to have fun, create friendships, and foster connections. Join us for potlucks, picnics, day trips, brunches, and happy hours. Suggest great places to go and fun things to do.

Visibility & voice

We create opportunities for HIV/AIDS long-term survivors to tell our stories, in our own voices and in our own way. Some of us are still here, so it’s up to us to speak up!

Advocacy & activism

We make sure that our experiences, strengths, and needs are known by relevant institutions. We’re fortunate to live in an area more willing to support us than might be the case elsewhere. But unless we advance our ideas, others will decide for us.

Community service

We create purpose and meaning through volunteer activities centered on helping others. Let's get our hands dirty for a good cause and connect with others who share our passion! Beach cleanups, community gardens, supporting HIV services … what else?

Share your ideas!

Everything we do is participant-driven. Talk to us! We’re always looking for great new ideas and a fresh perspective. Have a great idea for strengthening community? Let us know!

Aging Well is a program of Cascade AIDS Project (CAP). We support and empower all people living with or affected by HIV, reduce stigma, and provide the LGBTQ+ community and beyond with compassionate healthcare. Visit us at

Follow us online: @agingwellnw